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Class III Digital signature (Individual) with 2 years validity and secure USB token. This can be used by individuals for MCA, GST , Income Tax, ESI, PF filing etc. Courier all over India.

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Welcome to iENGINEER TECHNICAL SOLUTION, a highly professional digital signature certificate agency in Maharashtra. We formed this company to serve Digital signature certificates to several clients. In our team, we are having experienced and disciplined founders, surveyors, executives, and fully dedicated professionals for pre as well as post sale report. From us, you can obtain all kinds of Capricorn Digital Signature Certificates like Class 3, Class 3, DGFT. We are capable to provide you Class3 DSC for e-Tendering, e-Ticketing, Trademark / Patent filing, and e-Procurement. Class 3 DSC can be obtained for ROC/MCA Forms filing, GST filing, Income Tax Returns filing, Form 16/16A Signing, and DGFT Digital Signature Certificate.

iENGINEER TECHNICAL SOLUTION provides top & best quality and effective services. We are Working in this industries last 5 years, Established in 2013, and having more than 10000 clients and large business in India. We have good experience team and network all over the surface and provide you hassle free and fast deliveries of digital signature certificate in Maharashtra. Because of are reliable and trustworthy services we have been able to build a strong partner network in PAN India basis. For our products and services, we keep on looking authentic individuals and organizational partners.

Digital signature is the most advanced and secures type of signature. You can use them to comply with the most demanding legal and regulatory requirements because they provide the highest levels of assurance about each signer’s identity and the authenticity of the documents they sign. So, if you want to get your Digital Signature issued contact us as soon as possible. We would be glad to serve you. Our client’s testimonials are just a small proof of our dedicated services and professionalism. We are one of the Top Digital Signature Vendors in Maharashtra who provide Digital Signature Certificate  Class 3 and DGFT.


Consider iENGINEER TECHNICAL SOLUTION for obtaining Class 3 Digital Signature certificates. Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates are essential to obtain for the several transactions for Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) or Registrar of Companies (ROC), Income Tax Department and in few of the e-Tendering department also. The reason behind obtaining Class 3 DSC is to ensure the security of the transactions taking place for above mentioned departments. It helps in saving time as well as money of the user. You can obtain Class 3 DSC from iENGINEER TECHNICAL SOLUTION very easily. The general validation period of class 3 DSCs is 1 year and 2 year. Also within approximate one or two days, you will obtain Class 3 Digital signature Certificate.

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate can be issued to individual or an authorized individual on the behalf of any organization. Generally the types of Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates that can be obtained from iENGINEER TECHNICAL SOLUTION are:

PAN Encrypted Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate – this certificate is must to obtain individuals for ROC/ MCA/ Mail signing, document signing, Income Tax e-filing, Form 16/ 16A e-filing.

Individual User Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate – this certificate is categorized as Class 3 . A person having the personal details such as name, city, pin code, state, e-mail, phone no and PAN can obtain Individual User Class 3 DSC.

Class 3  Digital Signature Certificate for e-Tendering – this certificate is specifically used for the e-Tendering purpose and is mandatory for the companies to obtain it. An authorized individual on the behalf of company or firm or organization can obtain this certificate.

Apart from theseClass 3 Digital Signature Certificate can be obtained by a government or banking user for signing the internal documents of department. There is also need of Class 3 DSC in provident fund accounts transfer system.

After the verification based on reliable and pre-verified database, Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is available for downloading. For fast and quick obtain of Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate, one must reach iENGINEER TECHNICAL SOLUTION.


iENGINEER TECHNICAL SOLUTION, is the best source of obtaining Class 3 Digital signature Certificate. In the means of security, class 3 DSC has been identified to be the highest level of digital signature. It helps in ensuring the security and transparency of the transactions taking place online. Generally class 3 digital signature is available with 1 year and 2 years validity. It has been mentioned or implied by the Information Technology Act, that for every individual, companies and organization taking part in e-Tendering, e-procurement, IPO, Patent, Trademark filling process on various Indian websites, it is mandatory to have class 3 digital signature certificate.


However, class 3 digital Signature Certificate is also available in different types. An individual user or an authorized individual on the behalf of organization or company or firm can obtain class 3 DSC. These are categorized as: Individual User (Class 3A) & Company user (Class 3B). Further it is also mentioned in IT Act & legal status, both of these categories can be issued in two different certificates called signing certificate and Encryption certificate.

e-Tendering is worldwide popular and transparent process which lots of vendors have accepted. Because of the online facility of e-Tendering it is mandatory for any company or organization looking for e-Tender to procure class 3 DSC with Signing as well as Encryption Certificates. For the individuals or companies applying for patent or trademark online, it is must to have Class 3 Digital signature certificate with signing certificate only.

iENGINEER TECHNICAL SOLUTION is capable to provide you all types of class 3 digital signature certificate and of any category whether it is Class 3A certificate, Class 3B certificate, signature certificate or encryption certificate. In accordance to your requirements, we provide you Class 3 Digital Signature certificate solutions. So, contact us and obtain class 3 Digital Signature certificate in accordance to your requirements.


It facilitates e-Procurement, integrates and streamlines procurement processes. From buyer to supplier and even back. Approved under the Law of Information Technology, and with legal personality, a certificate of digital signature is essential for all e-Procurement processes.

Request online government tender has many advantages. Since the documents are loaded into a central site, acknowledgments and receipts are provided immediately. Which it is not the case of paper documents to be scanned and verified before being processed.

e-Procurement has gained popularity and acceptance significant as it provides more transparency to the whole system. Among other benefits, helps buyers and sellers to overcome geographical limitations, reduce procurement cycles, and generally helps keep pace with current technology.

Any organization that is trying to apply for any eTender Government must have a Class 3 digital signature certificate registered in the name of a representative who is authorized to bid online applications e-Tendering.

Now, most companies (especially Govt. organisations/departments, PSUs, and even private companies) floating tenders mandate submission of response online through digital signature certificates. Tenders might require Class 3 digital signature and class 3 digital signature certificates for e-Tendering. (You can determine the exact type of digital signature certificates required the Department of floating the company concerned e-tender.)


DGFT Digital Signature Certificate is the Digital Signature Certificate for DGFT & Importers-exporters. It comes under the Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate type which is required for communication with DGFT for several purposes. This form of DSC is available with signing version only. Being Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate type, it is also issued with 1 year 2 year and 3 year validity period. DGFT Digital Signature Certificate can be obtained by an authorized Individual on behalf of organization or Exim organization. It is must to have authorization letter for obtaining DSC.

The various benefits of making use of Digital Signature Certificate for DGFT are cost savings, minimize of paper work, security assurance, reliability, and confidentiality.

Only the importers – exporters having a valid IEC code from DGFT department can use DGFT Digital Signature Certificate. Apart from importers – exporters, any person from an Exim organization having authority to do transactions with DGFT on behalf of the organization can obtain DGFT Digital.


Having DGFT Digital Signature or Safeexim or (n)Exim you can easily apply for the licenses electronically with DGFT. Using Safeexim or (n)Exim DGFT Digital Signature you can digitally sign your online license application.

Also foreign trade can be made possible with Digital Signature Certificate. The Export and Import Organizations applying for licenses online on DGFT website needs DGFT Digital Signature Certificate because DGFT has mandate the Digital Signature Certificate for ensuring the authenticity of the documents required to be uploaded at the time of applying.

iENGINEER TECHNICAL SOLUTION is the right and appropriate source of obtaining DGFT Digital Signature Certificate. One, who is looking fast and quick service relating to DGFT Digital Signature certificate, must contact iENGINEER TECHNICAL SOLUTION. You will obtain top quality and satisfactory services here.


We all know that for the security of transaction taking place through internet, there is the need of Digital Signature Certificate. For different types of transactions taking place in different departments there is need of particular type of Digital Signature Certificate. Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate, Class 3 Digital signature Certificate, and DGFT Digital Signature Certificate are types of Digital signature Certificates. As we also know that these Digital Signature Certificates come with 1 year, 2 year and 3 years validity, therefore after completion of this validity period, there is need of renewal of Digital signature Certificates.

You can renew your existing Class 3 or class 3 or DGFT Digital Signature Certificate for 1 year and 2 years validity. Digital Signature Certificate renewal process is not at all tough and complicated. This renewal process is very easy and less time consuming.

There are certain things that are required to be applicable for renewal:

  • The renewal is must to be exclusive of e-Token. e-Token not procured last time is must to be procured this time.
  • Same name is applicable for the renewal. Any kind of changes in the name would be considered as fresh case and accordingly it would be processed.
  • If required, changes in e-mail, postal address and phone number is allowed.
  • It is to made sure that you submit renewal application 7 days prior to the expiry date of your existing Digital Signature Certificate.

iENGINEER TECHNICAL SOLUTION is also providing Digital Signature Certificate renewal services. One who is looking towards the renewal of his existing Digital Signature Certificate, must contact iENGINEER TECHNICAL SOLUTION. We assure you that your Digital Signature Certificate will be renewed in very less time and you can continue enjoying your work.


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Digital Signature Certificate In MAHARASHTRA

A Digital Signature Certificate in Karnataka helps in establishing the identity of the sender for filing the documents electronically. A DSC is just a handwritten signature that establishes the identity and the consent of the soignee for the electronic records.

DSC in Karnataka is a secure digital key that is issued by the certifying authorities for validating and certifying. iENGINEER TECHNICAL SOLUTION  can help you obtain the Class 3 Digital Signatures Certificate in Karnataka with a validity of 2 years and a secure USB token. All the documents need to be uploaded digitally there is no need to send the documents through courier or manually. All the Digital Signatures that are provided with the FIPS compliant ePass USB token to protect the Signature until the end of validity.

Digital Signature Certificate in Karnataka can be obtained by individuals, organizations, foreign individuals, foreign organizations.

List of documents required to obtain Digital Signature Certificate in MAHARASHTRA.

Based on the applicant the document for obtaining the Digital Signature would vary.

Documents for Residents

The following documents are submitted to the Indian Nationals that are applicable:

  1. PAN card of the applicant
  2. Aadhar Card
  3. Passport size photograph of the applicant
  4. Email address
  5. Phone number

Documents for Foreign Nationals

If the applicant is a foreign national then the foreign national must submit the following documents to obtain Digital Signature Certificate in Karnataka.

  • Passport of the applicant
  • Driving license
  • Visa details of the applicant
  • Email Address (Unique)
  • Phone Number (UNique)
  • Passport size photograph of the applicant.

Forms of Digital Signature Certificate in Karnataka

Digital Signature Certificate in Karnataka can be obtained in the following forms:


The Sign Digital Signature Certificate is used to sign the documents. Signing the documents using the Digital signatures certificate gives assurance of the integrity of the signer and also the data. The data is authentic, unaltered, and untampered.


To encrypt a document an encrypted digital signature certificate can be used. It is used in the tender portal for helping companies to encrypt and upload documents. It can be also used to encrypt and send classified information. The encrypted digital signature certificate is fit for the eCommerce documents. Legal documentation, sharing of documents that are confidential and also contain information that is to be protected.

Sign and Encrypt

The sign and encrypt are useful for both signing as well as encrypting it is convenient for the users for authenticating and maintaining the confidentiality of the information that is shared.

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